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Key Information

Duration: 4 day/3 night (12:00 day 1-12:00 day 4)

Price: $949/person

Includes: 3 meals per day

Min age: 12 (participants under age 18 must have a guardian)

Course Overview

The wild, unpredictable ways of nature, that inspire us to explore the wilderness, can turn a simple hike into a wilderness survival experience.

With your instructor beside you every step of the way, learn and practice vital survival skills that will dramatically improve your ability to cope with unexpected, dangerous situations in the wild. With a full 72 hours in the wilderness, you will also experience the mental component of survival through fun and challenging test scenarios.

You will learn:

  • Trip planning

  • Hazard assessment

  • Survival priorities

  • Essential equipment

  • Safe, efficient knife, axe and saw use

  • Essential knots

  • Wildlife awareness

  • Basic shelter construction

  • Natural shelter construction, with or without tools

  • Advanced fire lighting techniques

  • Staying on track and getting unlost

  • Signalling for rescue

  • Map and compass navigation

  • Natural navigation

  • Locating water and making it safe

  • Finding and preparing wild edible and medicinal plants

  • Tracking animals

Equipment Checklist

This checklist will ensure that you arrive with clothing and equipment suitable for the course environment and activities. It is in line with what our instructors will have. Feel free to bring a little more if you feel the need... If you have a knife, hatchet, survival kit, GPS, compass, cooking pot or any other piece of equipment that you like to use or wish to try out, bring it along!

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with the list. We do have some equipment available for student use upon request.



1 x pair of long outdoors pants. Sturdy, preferably not jeans.
2 x T-shirt.
1 x long-sleeved shirt.
2 x underwear.
2 x pairs of socks. Full length, not ankle socks or socks designed to go unseen when wearing running shoes.
1 x warm hat/toque.
1 x pair of gloves. Sturdy, suitable to protect hands from minor cuts and scratches when processing wood. 
Rain wear/waterproof clothing.


1 x pair of stout hiking boots. Ensure they provide ankle support, have good tread, good laces, and are broken in!


1 x bowl to eat from.
1 x cup.
1 x water bottle. At least one litre capacity.

1 x personal wash kit.
Personal medicines or items required for your daily routine.

1 x rucksack. Preferably a full-size of 60 litres or more.

1 x sleeping bag.
1 x notebook with pencils.
1 x whistle.

1 x flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries.


1 x sleeping mat.

1 x pair of sweatpants.
1 x hoody or sweatshirt.
1 x pair of lightweight shoes.

1 x compass.

Insect repellant.
Water purification method.


Wilderness Survival courses are conducted in the incredible South Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia. This unspoilt wilderness region is located approximately 150km north of Whistler, 5-6 hrs from Vancouver by road.


Driving Directions

Arrival time

Our courses start at noon, so please allow plenty of time and plan to arrive early. The sooner everybody arrives, the sooner we can get going!


Regardless of your route, gas up your car before leaving Lillooet!

GPS and Cell Service

Please follow our directions and do not rely on GPS or other automated navigation tools. They may often direct you to the Hurley River Road even when it is closed! While technically a shortcut from Pemberton, the Hurley River Road is a Forest Service Road, not a highway: we do not recommend this route.

NOTE: you will lose cell service beyond Lillooet, so please print or take a screenshot of these directions before you leave!

Fraser Canyon Route (Hwy 1)

Allow 5-6 hours driving time from Vancouver.

  • From Vancouver, follow the Trans Canada Hwy (#1) east to Hope.

  • At Hope take the exit to continue on the #1.

  • Stay on the #1 until Lytton where you turn onto Hwy 12 to Lillooet.

  • Gas up in Lillooet!

  • Once at Lillooet, follow the signs to Gold Bridge, staying on the main road through the town until turning left at the Subway restaurant intersection.

  • Road 40 is a maintained highway, but be cautious of sharp corners and rocks on the road.

  • Follow this road for 92 kms (you will pass a large dam about half way) until you see the Chilcotin Holidays sign on your right. It is a tall green sign attached vertically to a tree, often partially obscured by a Tyax sign.

  • Take the uphill road that forks to the right.

  • About 5-6 kms later you will see another Chilcotin Holidays sign, where you turn left onto Gun Creek Road.

  • In about 2-3 kilometers you will see our ranch on your right hand side, soon after crossing a cattle grid.

NOTE: If you get to Gold Bridge, you've gone too far! Turn around and watch for the Chilcotin Holidays sign on your left!

Sea to Sky Route (Hwy 99)

Allow 5-6 hours driving time from Vancouver.

  • From Vancouver, take Hwy #1 to Horseshoe Bay and continue up the Sea to Sky Hwy (#99) to Whistler.

  • Continue through Whistler and Pemberton.

  • From Pemberton, take the Duffy Lake Rd. (also Hwy 99) to Lillooet.

  • From Lillooet, see above.

Please contact us if you have any questions