Love the Outdoor Essentials Course! It really helped me feel more secure and safe with hiking the back country. Rob was a great instructor! Patient and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course and have already passed along a glowing review to many friends and family.
— Kirsten, Maple Ridge

I was looking to connect with nature, become more confident and comfortable in the wilderness, and gain a new skill set. The basic survival course from Survival in Canada delivered on all three counts. Nick is a great teacher and clearly enjoys sharing his vast stores of knowledge. Just as importantly, he has a wicked sense of humour, which made spending time in the bush with him a pleasure. The course even changed how I think about my daily urban life and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in the outdoors.
— Tim, North Vancouver

I wanted to build confidence and to learn the basic survival skills that I thought I’d need to hike the backcountry. I learned so much more than that on this course and now feel really confident when out in the wilderness.
— Rob, Victoria

Again I really enjoyed the course, your enthusiasm and the knowledge…I’ve been recommending your courses and the ranch to everyone here.
— Dale, Edmonton

The course was amazing. It was exactly what I wanted- and more! It was a great experience.
— Paul, Vancouver

I had a great time. Nick showed us that there is so much to eat out there and it’s usually right under your nose! …we ate a lot of different plants….we made a really cool shelter which was amazing and really comfortable…now I know I can light a fire no matter what!
— David, France

Thanks again for the awesome experience. We are both very excited about the skills you taught us. Both Chris and I agree that your bushcraft course was a life changing experience for us. Chris says he feels the skills he learned give him something of value to share with others, and I also feel that way… We now find ourselves examining the plant life around us and testing the quality of the trees. We found edible species of plants in our own yard aside from the crab-apples…
— Steven, Regina