Our 2017 season is here!

With our courses starting up in April, we're going all out to make 2017 our best year yet!

  • New website

  • Launch of Outdoor Essentials one-day course

  • More dates for Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Experience courses

  • Reduced prices

You asked and we listened.

Our website has been completely re-designed to provide more information on our courses, dates and pricing. We are now able to offer online reservations, making it even easier for you to book the course you want!

We're really excited about launching Outdoor Essentials. Our new one-day course taught in Vancouver, BC, Outdoor Essentials teaches core skills that will improve your confidence and safety outdoors.

We also took a look at our pricing. Our goal has always been to make the wilderness accessible to as many of you as possible: we hope the changes we've made mean we'll see more of you out there soon!