Based in British Columbia, Canada, our wilderness survival and bushcraft instructors bring a wealth of outdoors experience. Our philosophy at Survival in Canada is simple.

“Mother Nature is not out to get you. You just have to speak her language, show her respect, and listen to what she’s telling you. Time in the bush need not be a hardship. If you have the right knowledge, the right skills, and the right mindset, time in the bush should be a rewarding, spiritual, and fulfilling experience.”

We ensure that you leave with all of those things.

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Nick Buck

Founder and Head Instructor - Bushcraft

Nick has a military background, is a keen hunter, an avid hiker, works as a mountain guide and has spent his life in the bush. He practices his outdoor skills 12 months a year in the mountains around his home in northern British Columbia.

Since coming to Canada, Nick has studied forestry at Vancouver Island University becoming deeply knowledgeable about our local trees, plants, animals, and ecosystems.

Upon graduating, Nick worked in a remote logging camp having almost daily encounters with bears, and honing his bush skills. He still works in the forest, spending weeks at a time in some of the most challenging mountain environments in British Columbia.

Nick is an experienced teacher who loves sharing his knowledge. “When I meet somebody for the first time who has no bush skills and no experience, it gives me enormous pleasure to be able to see them return home a couple of days later with the knowledge and skills to survive outdoors with nothing but a pocket knife. I’m almost excited as they are!”

Rob Harding

Head Instructor - Wilderness Survival

Rob has always loved the outdoors. Growing up in beautiful North Devon, England, you would often find him enjoying the woods, hills, coastal walks and moors surrounding his home.

Rob moved to Vancouver, BC, in 1999, and has spent much of his time since then exploring its spectacular wilderness. This country is BIG! When he’s not in the office or his North Vancouver home, Rob will usually be found somewhere in the great outdoors.

“There is always something new to learn in nature. Once you have some basic knowledge and skills, a whole new world opens up to you. Freedom is feeling truly connected to the world around you, without fear. In nature there is no competition, just a deep sense of co-existence and cooperation. It’s a real privilege to help open the door for others, and watch as they walk through it!”