Equipment Checklist

This checklist will ensure that you arrive with clothing and equipment suitable for the course environment and activities. It is in line with what our instructors will have. Feel free to bring a little more if you feel the need... If you have a knife, hatchet, survival kit, GPS, compass, cooking pot or any other piece of equipment that you like to use or wish to try out, bring it along!

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with the list. We do have some equipment available for student use upon request.



Pair of long outdoors pants. Sturdy, preferably not jeans.
2 x T-shirt.
Long-sleeved shirt.
2 x underwear.
2 x pairs of socks. Full length, not ankle socks or socks designed to go unseen when wearing running shoes.
Warm hat/toque.
Pair of gloves. Sturdy, suitable to protect hands from minor cuts and scratches when processing wood. 
Rain wear/waterproof clothing.


Pair of stout hiking boots. Ensure they provide ankle support, have good tread, good laces, and are broken in!


Sleeping bag.
Rucksack. Preferably a full-size of 60 litres or more.
Water bottle. At least one litre capacity.
Flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries.

Bowl to eat from with cutlery.

Personal wash kit.
Personal medicines or items required for your daily routine.

Notebook with pencils.


Sleeping mat.

Pair of sweatpants.
Hoody or sweatshirt.
Pair of lightweight shoes.

Insect repellant.
Water purification method.


Please contact us if you have any questions